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Arizona Digital Agency
focused on building Organic Traffic through website design and SEO optimization in Phoenix, Arizona.

Branding Optimized for Maximum Exposure

One thing I see many people do out the gate is start creating a super cool product and fail to put their stamp on it. What I mean by their stamp is their brand. Whatever makes the product theirs. That apple with a bite taken out that reminds us of Steve Jobs, or that multicolor window we see every time we turn on our PC that we know is Microsoft. When you want a company to stand on its own, you need to give it an identity and personality. Its more than a name, its the soul of the company or product. what does it stand for, what good is it doing for the world, how are you transforming your clients. These are the questions that need to be answered. We work with you to solidify your brand and message across all your digital platforms so when potential customers see your company, they never forget it. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
National SEO, Local SEO, on page seo, off page seo, backlinks, blogging,

There are 5.3 billion searches done on google each day. People are constantly looking for the nearest best service or restaurant. Trying to get reviews on products and so much more. Getting to the first page of google is crucial to capturing your own piece of that 5.3 billion. We specialize in localized SEO. Tirado Media drives organic traffic to your website or landing pages with proven strategies. SEO is something that when done right, it will generate leads organically indefinitely with minimal upkeep. 

Social Media Management
Stress Free Social Media Management

We get it. You're too busy working IN your business to keep up with all the digital stuff. We can do that for you. From posting content answering questions to responding to potential leads to running paid ads. We can take the digital footprint off your hands so that you can focus on the things you want to focus on.

Content Days
Cooking Show Video Production

We have photographers and videographers that we work with to create content for your social and marketing channels. We offer what we call content days where we send out specialists to get the best visuals for your business. These are included in some of higher priced marketing packages but can be purchased on their own if your looking for just content.


David Navarette Moneta De Sine

David Navarette

Owner & Cinematographer 
@ Moneta De Sine

Tirado Media was the missing puzzle piece to my business. I thought I was doing everything I could to grow my business but as soon as he came in he started to change the way my business ran. He was able to get me to number one in google faster than I thought was possible. With his services I now have the confidence to close bigger clients, and I now have the time to focus on what I love to do in my business which is not marketing haha. Thank you Gilbert Tirado

Rob Rutledge

Rob Rutledge

Owner @ CinemaSolve Productions

Great to work with. Fair, reasonable and honest. Delivers product in a timely manner. Will work with again.

Jennifer Pruett

Jennifer Pruett

Network Marketing Expert

Gilbert has  systems and structure to several of my businesses and provided me with the ability to scale at a faster rate. Every time I'm working on something new, he is my first phone call to make sure everything is set up logistically correct. He isn't just good at SEO, they will tackle any business problem you throw at him 

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